How Are We Different?


I Love My Family Photography


1. Family Photography Specialists.

There’s an art to photographing families and kids because “having their photo taken” is not something kids care much about. They’re much more interested in play, showing off their toys and outfits, kicking a ball around, dancing, poking around in the dirt .. you know, being kids.

Our specialty is family family portraiture and kids photography. We don’t photograph weddings or corporate assignments and all of our skills and equipment are centered around one goal – to capture the love and joie de vivre which runs in your family.


2. Meaningful, Gorgeous Photographs.

We like to get to know you and your kids before the photography session to make sure we can design your shoot around who YOU are.

We want to know about your kids’ hobbies, interests and personality traits. We want to know who the tomboy is and who is the princess. We want to know who the bossy one is and who is the golden child.

We then create concepts for your photographs which are unique to your shoot. This ensures that your photos capture the uniqueness of your children at this point in their lives and have great meaning to you.


3. Team Of Two.

We work as a team of two, which gives us the ability to employ advanced lighting techniques which elevate our photography to the level of advertising and commercial lifestyle photoshoots.

One of us is usually photographing while the other person uses reflectors and specialised sun scrims to create superb lighting in your photos. It’s something that a photographer working by him/herself cannot match.


4. Hand-Made Approach.

After your photos are taken, the editing process begins. We don’t use presets or cookie-cutter bulk photo processing programs.

Each photo needs a unique touch that only a human eye can provide. Our 6-stage editing process ensures that every one of your photos is meticulously retouched and you look your best.


5. Peace Of Mind.

We want to make sure you’re completely happy with your photos. If your photos somehow fall short of your expectations, you’re fully covered by our no-questions-asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

And to give you a complete piece of mind, check out our ever-growing list of delighted customers.


6. Amazing Prints.

Our fine art prints are second to none.

However, a lot of parents prefer to buy high-resolution images from us and take them to a photo lab to make prints. The only trouble is that most photo labs offer fairly average quality printing, compared with what’s possible.

We have tested printing labs around Sydney until have found 3, which stand out head and shoulders above the rest. They’re photo labs that other professional photographers use and we’re happy to share the “trade secrets” with you.

This means you can have a piece of mind that you’re getting professional-grade wall prints.


7. Kids’ Moods Are OK.

The honest truth about photographing kids is that, despite our best intentions, they just might not be having a good day on the day of the photography session.

It doesn’t mean that you should end up with a collection of photos in which your little one is looking less than joyful and happy.

We make room for kids’ moods and, if we aren’t able to get all the photos we need on the day, we’re happy to arrange for a top-up session on another day to make sure you get a complete collection of photos in which your little one is happy and chirpy.


8. Professionalism & Skill.

Before beginning to shoot professionally full-time, I (it’s me, Steven, writing this post) was privileged enough to work as an assistant to some of Australia’s leading fashion and lifestyle commercial photographers.

It means I learned trade secrets from the best professionals in the industry. You benefit because your photoshoot is relaxed and fun while your photos have a superb, polished look, like they could have come from pages of a top-notch lifestyle magazine.

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