Your Team


Meet Steven & Irene.

We believe that your family is the most important part of your life. That’s
the philosophy behind everything we do here.


Families Matter.

We chose to specialise in family photography because we are
inspired by loving, closely-knit families.

In modern day and age it’s so easy to get caught up in appointments,
chores, bills, career, trying to eat right, lose weight – and miss
our the love of our partner and the joy of our kids, who are all
quickly changing around us.


Following Our Passion.

When we started, we knew that we wanted to live the kind of life where
we jump out of bed every morning and look forward to going to work.

And, as they say, you have to be careful what you ask for – because
you might get it. We did, and we feel extremely blessed. We work
non-stop (a day off every two weeks is a luxury), we invest all of
ourselves in every shoot and we love all of it.


We Are Also A Couple.

And, by the way, we recently got engaged! More publicly than we
originally had hoped
, to be honest.

Irene likes to keep track of all the anniversaries (every day seems
to be an anniversary of something). I like to sometimes (often?)
forget about them and be in trouble for it.

But there is always a lot of love here.


Little Things In Life.

We appreciate the stillness of the morning. We (as cheesy as
it sounds) notice the colour of a great sunset. We sometimes
even take a photo of one.

We like to look up when walking through leafy streets. We
enjoy the feeling of a good workout at the gym.


More Obsessions.

We also love discovering a tasty, yet inexpensive bottle
of wine. And a cafe where baristas are just like your
old friends.

We are also fond of getting lost in bookshops which have that
unmistakable vintage (did I say stale book?) smell.

Oh, and then there road trips which involve hiring a car
and driving through towns which have little more than a
petrol station and a newsagent.

This attitude allows us see the positive in you. And that
comes through in the family photographs we create for you.


Steven Was A Handful.

To make sure I behaved as a kid, my Mum told me that she had
a unique skill: she could tell whether I was telling the
truth by looking at my teeth.

As you would expect, I was very afraid to show my teeth to
her after I knew I broke some rule.


Irene Was The Golden Child.

She plays the piano, she can sing, she got top marks at school
and she is the one in her family who everyone turns to for

Opposites attract, isn’t that what they say?


Our Inspirations.

A great photo is more than a picture. It’s something that
has the power to take your breath away; to make you think;
to make you laugh with delight and to move you to tears.

It’s the kind of photography we strive to produce every time.
And, of course, we’re not alone. Here’s work of other
photographers who we love:

  • Jonas Peterson – Not so much a photographer, but an epically masterful visual storyteller. If you’re getting married, he’s your guy.
  • Christian Oth – Fine art mixed with photojournalism and opulent wedding extravagance.
  • Joey L – New Breed Of Advertising Commercial Photographers: Young, Passionate, Self-Taught.


We Believe In A Holistic Approach To Photography.

Its often said that to become a better photographer, you have
to become a better person. We agree – and think there’s even
more to it.

Great professional photography happens when 3 things meet:

  • Passion for photography
  • Business acumen
  • Self-awareness & conscious life

This is the philosophy we follow in creating our photographs and
running this amazing little business.