Finalllllly got a chance to view the photos, and I only have a short while to get back to you as I’m running late to pick up the kids from school!! Ok, so my thoughts – I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this… They’re beautiful! The quality of the shots exceeded my expectations!

Deanna, Sam And Their Three Playful Kids, Photographed At Nielsen Park, Vaucluse.

OMG we absolutely LOVE the photos! You guys are absolute geniuses in the way you have been able to capture the expressions and playfulness of both our kids, where one is a toddler and another a Baby – not easy ages to work with. Truly incredible. They are exactly what we were hoping for! THANK YOU!

Natalie, Andrew & The Boys, Photographed At Centennial Park.

Steven!! What can I say – we couldn’t be happier!! We absolutely LOVE the shots!!! You have absolutely captured the spirit of our home and family and we will treasure these shots. Should we book you in now for the yearly update??!!! 🙂 We’ll make a decision on the prints over the next few days but you really haven’t made the job easy for us! Thank you so much to both you and Irene.. You really have done such a wonderful job.

Antoinette & Her Lovely Family, Photographed Near Five Dock, Inner West.

What can I say……. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! They’re fantastic!! Can’t believe we have so many wonderful pics to chose from. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve put a few up on Facebook with a little statement mentioning your company. Lots of my friends want your details! Thank you so much again for all the great photos. I’m already mentally covering all of my walls with them!

Debbie, Shane & Their Two Lovely Kids, Photographed At Nielsen Park, Vaucluse.

Dear Steven, We LOVE the photos!! Thank you so much already! Sure to treasure them for years to come and look forward to future photo sessions with you. Thank you so much.

Christina, Her Extended Family And 2.5 Kids, Photographed At Centennial Park.

Hi Steven & Irene, We love the photos are very happy with them! I’ve sent them to our family in South Africa and everyone loves them. My mother in law’s comment was “Thanks so much for a look into your lives” so I really think you have managed to capture our lifestyle. My dad said “wow he is an excellent photographer”. It is hard to pick one for the print as they are all so lovely…

Adri & Her Adventure-Loving Family, Photographed Near Cromer, Northern Beaches.

Steven and Irene did an AMAZING job, everything was perfect. They picked the most amazing and beautiful location I could think of and spend the whole time making my little boy feel at ease and have fun. The photos were better than I could have ever imagined and almost made me cry. I highly recommend them to anyone! If there is ever another addition to the family you guys will definitely be the first call. Thank you so much.

Holly, Shaun & Their Unstoppable Boy, Photographed At Balmoral Beach, Balmoral.

Steven! Omg Ive had a quick look and they are AMAZING!!!! If you upload one of our pics on your fb page I’d like to share the link on my own page! I want all of my friends with kids to book you!!

Gabi & Her Family, Photographed At Tamarama Beach.

Hi Steven, Thank you so much for your photos. They look so great!! When our son turns two, we would like to invite you to take photos of us again.

Angelina & Her Birthday Boy, Photographed At Balmoral & Centennial Park.

Steven! Thank you so much for these photos! They’re perfect 🙂 We had an amazing time so thank you!

Arthi, James & Their Adorable Son, Photographed At Hermit Bay, Vaucluse.

Hi Steven, the photos are fantastic. We love them. We had a great time, too.

Olivia & Her Family, Photographed At Rushcutters Bay.

Hi Steven and Irene, thank you for the photographs. They are all absolutely amazing. You have really captured the essence of us as a family. We couldn’t put the comp[uter] away once we had started looking at them.

Anji, Adith & Their Girls, Photographed At Centennial Park & Maroubra Beach.

They look great!! Really pleased with them. I can’t wait to see the rest! I’ve sent the link to the rest of the guys and I’m sure they’ll love them.

Rob with his immediate and extended families, Photographed At Strickland House, Vaucluse.

Hi Steven, Thank you for the pictures! So much fun to go through them all! I’m really happy with the result. It’s so nice to finally have some good pictures of the whole family.

Anna, Her Parents & Siblings, Photographed At McKell Park, Darling Point.

The photos are utterly amazing, we love them!

Lisa, Con, Their Princess & Little Boy, Photographed At Australian Pioneers Village, Windsor.

We couldn’t be happier with them .. the photos are absolutely breathtaking.

Louise, Mark & Their Cute First Daughter, Photographed At Arthur McElhone Reserve, Elizabeth Bay.

Hi Steven, Thanks so much to you and Irene for the beautiful pictures! I just came back from my trip and saw them and they are exactly what we wanted. Thank you again for all the hard work you both put into our photos.

Anissa & Her Extended Family, Photographed At Centennial Park.