How Did It All Begin?

Quick Love Story.


It began a few years ago, when my fiancee and I decided that for the rest of our lives, we wanted
to do what we’re passionate about (sounds cheesy, I know – but bear with me!).

Starting a family photography business was the clear choice, because we shared a deeply held belief that
close families really do matter, I had a background in photography and Irene was a Photoshop wiz.


What We Didn’t Expect.


Since then, this journey has become much more than a quest to do what we love. Irene and I realised
that family photography should be – needs to be, done differently.

We began to notice that something was missing in the genre. If you look at most photos of children,
you’ll notice that kids often look cute in them (because they are), but often there’s something

There’s a subtle sense of disconnect and uncertainty about them; it’s like they’ve been suppressed,
just for the photo.


Kids Being Kids?


Very rarely you see a photo of a child in which he or she is completely free, being wholly themselves,
utterly lost in their world of childhood wonder, play, curiosity, love and delight.

You see them smile often, but rarely you see a smile which is a result of real, unabashed fun –
perhaps a kid’s equivalent of an adult’s hearty laugh that only happens between close friends.

Very rarely they’re interacting with parents and siblings in a way which is honest and real
for them.


Solving The Problem.


We realised that this problem had little to do with photographic technique of family
photographers. It was a problem with how the photographers related to children.

Most photographers either interacted with kids on a level of an adult and encourage them
to do something “for the camera”.

Or they gave kids freedom to be themselves while photographing them from the sidelines
using long zoom lenses. Not unlike National Geographic films documentaries about
endangered species that are shot from several miles away.

Either way, the connection between the photographer and the child’s world was lost.


Why We’re Different.


We asked the question – what if the photographer came to the level of the child and engaged
them on their level? On the level of games, dreams and childhood opinions?

What if a real connection with the child came first, and the camera second? What if that child
felt free to be themselves and play with the photographer, just as they’d play with a friend
or a sibling?

In answering those questions we created some photos we really loved. Thankfully, many
parents loved them, too.

You can read some of their feedback on our ever-expanding testimonials page.